We at Weapons Training Ammunition would like to introduce ourselves to you.  We’re a small, hoping to become larger, firearms store located in Pearl River, Louisiana.

We started in business in 2007, by conducting Louisiana Conceal Carry Weapons Classes, CCW, out of our home.  Our youngest son, Scott, kept asking us, “why are you sending people to other stores to purchase firearms, why not open a store and do both”?  So, in June of 2008 we opened, Weapons, Training, Ammunition.  Our motto is simple; “If you have a weapon, but no bullets, you have a club, if you have bullets, but no weapon, you have rocks, metal, but still rocks.  If you have a firearm and bullets, but no training, only pure luck will win the day.  Not, a good plan!

Over the last ten years, in addition to our CCW program we sell firearms and train people in the usage of those firearms.  If you buy a firearm from us, we offer three free classes to help get you up to speed.  This includes three free cleanings, with you present, to help you use this firearm at its maximum potential.

Additionally, we clean, repair and restore firearms.  If you’re looking to purchase a firearm, and not sure of what to get, come see us, we can help. Or, if you’d like to assemble your AR rifle we can help you do that too.  Along the way we’ll go over everything to help you make the best choices, plus teach you how to employ it.

Lastly, what about accessories, scopes, rails, by-pods and so on.  We can help there too, especially scopes.  Dan, Kevin and Terry are, Obsessive–compulsive disorder, OCD, people, when it comes to scopes.  “Good enough”, is not in their dictionary.

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